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The increasing focus on product quality has made UV technology indispensable for the entire fish industry. SITA can offer any solution for both freshwater and seawater. From 1 to 4.000 m3/h!

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One of the major problems present in fish farming sector is the risk of disease proliferation, which is spread by water vector, in high-density fish farms. In some cases, the development of pathogenic bacteria can create enormous problems, that cause the loss of considerable amounts of fish and, consequently, money.

UV S.I.T.A. technology is the simplest, cheapest, and safest disinfection system that can protect fish farms from the risk of contagion proliferation.

In addition, UV S.I.T.A. technology offers the great advantage of not changing the chemical and physical characteristics of water and, consequently, not creating undesirable by-products, which are characteristic of traditional treatments with chemical agents instead.

The most common microorganisms responsible for fish diseases are:
  • Viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS)  
  • Saprolegenia (fungal disease) 
  • Coliform bacteria
  • Fecal streptococci   
  • Infectious salmon anemia (ISA)
  • Infectious pancreatic necrosis (IPN)  
  • Ichtyophthirius (white spots)

Flowing through the UV S.I.T.A. systems, the water is purified; correct sizing of the system makes it possible to reduce the concentration of the microbial load by 99.99% at each pass. The model of UV S.I.T.A. can be easily identified based on certain information such as: the transmittance of the water (degree of transparency towards UV-C light), the maximum flow rate, and the concentration and type of microbial species present.

S.I.T.A UV systems can treat both freshwater and seawater.

The maintenance of S.I.T.A UV systems is very simple and fast; in fact, routine operations are reduced to changing lamps and cleaning the quartz sleeves. The latter operation can also be carried out through the cleaning systems, manual or automatic, with which the systems can be equipped.

Regarding seawater applications, SITA has recently developed the HDPE series in plastic material (High Density Polyethylene - UV-C stable).

SITA has obtained in this field the certification issued by NVI regulating the use of UVC plants.

Some application examples:

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