The fileds of application of this series of system are: waiting rooms, cinemas, operating rooms,offices, school rooms, conditrioning systems, private houses, food industries, pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, breeding farms.


It’s the series characterized by ceiling bowls in anodized aluminium, swinging, with a high reflecting power; for this specific application S.I.T.A. can use “shatterproof” UV lamps whose special coating ensures the absence of dispersion of fragments in the case of an accidental breakage of the quartz of the lamps themselves. The direct irradiation allows to disinfect and keep sterilized the exposed surfaces, both of a storage-room and objects and food that must keep sterilized. Disinfecting the food with UV irradiation allows to increase considerably its shelf-life, that is to say that time period which corresponds, in particular circumstances, to a tolerable decreasing of quality of a packed product, so we can treat dried fruits, pre-cooked bread, fresh pasta, charcuterie, cold cuts, grated cheese, sweets and so on.

IRRADIATION (1m): from 1400 to 5600 mW/m2

MATERIAL: Satinated Stainless steel 304

POWER: 40 and 80W