The fileds of application of this series of system are: waiting rooms, cinemas, operating rooms,offices, school rooms, conditrioning systems, private houses, food industries, pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, breeding farms.


It’s the series characterized by equipments planned to work autonomously, or to be installed into existing air pipes; in the first case the air flow to be treated is forced by a fan, while in the second one the system is destined to the insertion in a pipe and it does not need a motor for its own.

The fields of application of this series are several. One can consider the installation of a SITAIR MC where the presence of aseptic areas and surroundings is requested. In particular disinfection systems can be installed in the following places: waiting rooms, operating rooms, hospital rooms, conditioning systems, food industries, pharmaceutical industires, laboratories, breeding farms.

AIR FLOW RATES : from 40 to 450 m3/h

POWER: from 40 to 210 W

UV DOSE: 400 J/m2 (dose sized at max flow and humidity 60%)

MATERIALE : satinated stainless steel AISI 304