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UV Systems for Ozone Reduction

SITA has been designing and building UV lamp systems since 1982. Unlike in the early days, nowadays there are multiple applications for this technology. Especially important, particularly in the pharmaceutical and food industries, is the reduction of residual ozone.

Which units can you use for this application:

Systems for the destruction of Residual Ozone

"Ozone is a highly potent disinfectant and oxidizing agent. This is why it is used in many applications. For example, in the Food & Beverage sector and in aquaculture, ozone is used to disinfect pipelines and distribution networks. However, the residual ozone must be eliminated to avoid contact with ingredients.

Even in applications where ultra-pure water is required (such as pharmaceutical companies), ozone is often used, but here too, the residue must be removed before using ozonated water. This problem can be easily solved by using UV lamp systems.

SITA systems for ozone reduction are specifically designed for this purpose. The UVC rays are absorbed by the ozone, breaking down the oxygen molecules. The required UV dose is significantly higher than what is typically used for water disinfection.

These systems often need to be built to very specific specifications (tri-clamp fittings, electrical panel in 316L stainless steel, etc.), so please contact our offices for proper sizing."

Some application examples:

Do you need to reduce the concentration of ozone?

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