SITA offers various solutions related to horticulture. Low and medium pressure lamps equipped with automatic cleaning wipers

 The number of pathogens resistant to chemical products is increasing therefore an UV unit correctly dimensioned is becoming a must in horticulture.

UV can be used in any type of crops, and is the system to be used when adopting hydroponic methods. UV rays in fact left un-altered the used mineral nutrient solution.

It is very important that the UV unit is correctly dimensioned taking in consideration the pollution present in water (bacteria, mushrooms, viruses, etc etc.)

A very interesting feature for this application is the possibility to have units equipped with automatic cleaning wiper in order to maintain the quartz tubes in perfect conditions.

By using UV equipments is possible to avoid the need for chemical products and therefore not to have the presence of any by-product related to them.

Crops will have a much better quality!