Air & Surface disinfection

SITA has experienced various applications of the air/ambient treatment via their UV units and has been able to test the efficacy of same and to enlarge the shell life of his products.

Study case

A study has been made on a SITA UV1/40 installed in an industrial fridge used to store meet and its derivates.
This units are made by Stainless Steel ceilings covered by anodized aluminum foils in order to better reflect the rays and by Shatterproof UV lamps. This kind of units can be used for the disinfection of any surface, ambient or even for the food self.Direct/Indirect UV irradiance can be modified thanks to a reflecting spoiler.

It has been determined the aging/state of the meet in this fridge during 11 days without the UV system and subsequently for 11 days with 5 hours cycles of UV rays for another 11 days.

Analytic results: Meet aged without UV was found with a changed colour, viscous and a bit smelly while the one with the UV was without any odour and much less viscous.

Organoleptic results: test have evidenced a big difference in the microbial content of the two different meets.

This study case has lead us to evidence a bigger shell life of the aliments under UV treatment that gives the industry a wider packaging time window (very important in this sectors).