Drinking water

SITA since more then 30 years produces UV units for the disinfection of drinking water.

Water treatment is fundamental when we talk about drinking water. One of the main issues which are usually faced are bacteria chlorine resistant like for example Cryptosporidiu, and Giardia.

Usually in the past water disinfection was demanded to chlorine or other chemical products. Now-a-day small and big aqueducts are considering UV technology as an help or an alternative to the use of the chemical products.

Three different certification (DWGV, ONORM, USEPA) are able to ensure the end user about the real efficacy of the UV units. Those certification infact are given only after very strict biodosimetric test made in the most different operational conditions.

SITA's IT series has been specifically studied for drinking water and is certified under O-NORM 5873-1.

Other important certifications, like for example WRAS and ACS, ensure that SITA production is suitabke for human consumption.