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    Welcome in the world of SITA

    S.I.T.A. Srl (Societa' Italiana Trattamento Acque),
    present in the market since 35 yers,
    is a leader company in the production of UV units and stainless steel filters.
    Since 1982 SITAUV for all your needs.

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    ITA HDPE Series

    Is suitable for the disinfection of Aquariums, aqua culture,
    sea water and thermal water.
    This polyethylene (HDPE) is a not corrosive material

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  • Impianti Uv

    UV Systems

    S.I.T.A. manufactures UV systems with low pressure,
    amalgam low pressure and medium pressure's lamps.
    S.I.T.A.range of UV units is one of the most complete present in the market.
    Common applications are drinking water, waste water,swimming pool aquaclulture and more.

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  • SITAUV for potable water. From the tap upto the public acqueduct

  • SITAUV for waste water. Units build up for water with low transmittance and equipped with automatic cleaning wipers.

  • SITAUV for big and small aquariums. Uv units for both sea and fresh watere. Easily linkable with latest LSS (Life Support System).

  • SITAUV for food&beverage Build according to very high quality standards.

  • SITAUV for any kind of pool. Germicidial and chlorine reduction effect. From the small private pool upto the biggest pools of aqua parks/aquariums

  • SITAUV for fishfarms. Studied for both fresh and sea water.

  • SITAUV dimensioned for any kind of snowgun. Snowguns will create snow from pure, disinfected water.

  • SITAUV build up according to latest industry standards. Clamp connections, welding and SS rugosity studied for this specific applications.

  • SITAUV specifically meant for Air & Surface disinfection.

  • SITAUV for all kind of vessels. Ferry boats, cruise ships, Container ships, Well boats, etc, etc. From 1 upto 4000 m3/h.

  • SITA UV units designed for horticulture application

"Società italiana trattamento acque,
your UV partner since 1982“

S.I.T.A. Srl (Societa' Italiana Trattamento Acque), is a company with almost 35 years of experience in the manufacturing of UV DISINFECTION units stainless steel filter hosuings. Since 1982 SITAUV for all Your needs.

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We are very proud to announce that SITA gets the authorization to apply UL mark.

Infact UL's investigation of our products has been completed. Our manufacturing location is capable of producing a product in accordance with UL's requirements. 

Standards for Safery: UL508A, Industrial control panels

                              C22.2 No. 14, Industrial Control Equipment                   




Today SITA celebrates his 34th Anniversary.

Since 1982 a lot of things changed but not our passion to produce high quality units!

We are really proud to export a little bit of made in Italy in the world. Infact we are selling our products in 5  continents through 70 countries!





Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays

SITA will be closed for SUMMER VACATION from Monday 8th to Friday 19th of August.

We will be back on Monday 22nd of Augut.

Please note that last usefull shipping date will be Thursday 04th.

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