Swimming pools

Since more then 10 year SITA is producing high quality UV units for pools covering both the small private swimming pools and the very big ones used in Aqua parks.

UV UNITS used for the disinfection in pools

Usually, in order to keep the concentration of combined chlorine under control (a by-product of the disinfection with chlorine), massive daily water changes are carried out and periodical hyper-chlorination are needed.
Since some years, mainly in Europe e in some swimming plants in Italy, a different technique is spreading, disinfection through ultraviolet radiation is becoming more and more the solution for the pool owners. These systems, commonly used for the disinfection of water for human consumption, if supplied with medium pressure lamps (which guarantee a multi-frequency emission), are able to eliminate chloramines through a photochemical action. In fact the installation of the UV chamber in the treatment system gives the possibility of reducing the combined chlorine upto more than 50%, allows the plant carrier to save some money both on the daily water change (several cubic meters of water not to be heated) and on the use of chemical products for the hyper-chlorination.

Herebelow please note the results we had with our UV units in a public pool located in North-Italy.

  • Volume of the pool: 600 m3
  • Treated flow-rate: 210 m3/h
  • SITA UV system: SMP 35 (*)
  • Medium reduction of combined chlorine: > 60%
  • Medium daily saving in the water changes: 20 m3/day
  • Medium monthly saving in the water changes: 520 m3/month
  • Frequency of hyper-chlorinations BEFORE (1 every 7 days) AFTER (1 every 90 days)

For more info have a look to: SMP