The fileds of application of this series of system are: waiting rooms, cinemas, operating rooms,offices, school rooms, conditrioning systems, private houses, food industries, pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, breeding farms.


MCmini20 is the most compact air sterilizer in the SITA range. It is made of stainless steel 304 with a nice box that fits perfectly in any room.

With MCmini20 we can treat air 24 h/day also with people's presence in the room. This ensures a good disinfection maintaining under control microbiological levels. Conveyed in the UV unit the air comes into contact with a powerful UVC lamp that is able to change the DNA of microorganism, such as bacteria and viruses. 

A silent fan inbuilt in the box guarantees a good acoustic comfort.

The maintenance of the MCmini20 is also very simple: UVC lamp and filter must be replaced once a year.

Ideal up to 40 m3. For bigger volumes install more units